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charm school

If there was ever a time to feel nostalgic for schoolgirl style, it’s fall; blazers, buttery leather boots, and silk scarves are all back on the streets in spite of the fading heat. The combination of crispy weather and memories of prepping for a new school year seem to inspire sartorial re-hashing of younger days. This season, though, there is a far more chic and subtle nod to childhood nostalgia: Loquet.


Loquet is the answer to a question you didn’t know you had: where did my middle-school charm bracelets go, and why did I stop wearing them? There’s something so sweet and fun about the little dangling shapes, but with Loquet, they’ve grown up with their wearers–14k gold and fine jewels bring the charms firmly into 2018.

While Loquet is out of my price range, I find their sleek-but-fun vibe inspiring; as someone who prefers to keep my clothes classic and punch them up with accessories, I love the idea of personalized, whimsical jewelry. My eye is on the hoops that can be customized with add-on charms; I’d do the clover on one ear and the beetle on the other.

Credit: Joan Smalls for VogueGeorgia May Jagger for Vogue China, jewelry photos from Loquet and the Coveteur

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khaite pre-fall

As a lover of all things classic, I fell in love with Khaite as soon as I stumbled across their Instagram. They’re one one of few brands that are consistently near-perfect (tied with Totême), and while they’re laughably out of my price range, they serve up phenomenal inspiration. Their Pre-Fall collection is no exception. (Khaite’s Fall/Winter collection is out, and they just showed their Spring/Summer ’19 collection, but given that it’s actually “pre-fall” right now, this collection seemed the most timely.)

Khaite Pre Fall

And Khaite’s Pre-Fall is literally everything I want to wear for the next two months (or, really, twenty years, because they nail “timeless” like no other). A beige button-down with straight-leg jeans and a just-right pop of color in the boots? A perfectly oversized teddy-brown sweater, tucked into high-waisted black trousers? And don’t even get me started on the clever tweed trench. Every single piece is impeccable, the way you’d design it in your head when fantasizing about an ideal wardrobe.

The only thing more breathtaking than Khaite’s design is the prices–a cool $2,250 for the coat alone–but they’re more affordable than similar high-fashion counterparts, with a cooler edge and no ubiquity. If your budget can sustain it, run, don’t walk, to scoop up the collection–I have no doubt the price per wear is worth it in the end. And if, like me, owning a piece from Khaite is just a fantasy–then let the muted color palette and crisp ode to autumn inspire you all season long.

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september sand


Credit, clockwise from top-left: @andreaswenoha, @nikkiijoiner, Vince boots, East Fork dishes, Reformation topChloé turtleneck@nikkiijoiner, Rosie for Porter

This September, I’m not quite ready to dust off my wool sweaters and dry-clean my coats, but the allure of autumn is still in the sweltering summer air. Cross the bridge between seasons in crisp white and soft beige; the mixture of hot-weather fabrics with cold-weather textural details will keep you cool until the snow hits.

I’m pushing through to fall with my summer capsule wardrobe in play, pairing light tops with thicker skirts and bringing out my paper-thin sweaters, but thought I needed one pair of romantic-Western boots to tie it all together (Vince, top-right). If you already have tan heeled boots, try a ribbed sweater with summer slides for a reverse play on this hot autumn.



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