Inspiration, Style

september sand


Credit, clockwise from top-left: @andreaswenoha, @nikkiijoiner, Vince boots, East Fork dishes, Reformation topChloé turtleneck@nikkiijoiner, Rosie for Porter

This September, I’m not quite ready to dust off my wool sweaters and dry-clean my coats, but the allure of autumn is still in the sweltering summer air. Cross the bridge between seasons in crisp white and soft beige; the mixture of hot-weather fabrics with cold-weather textural details will keep you cool until the snow hits.

I’m pushing through to fall with my summer capsule wardrobe in play, pairing light tops with thicker skirts and bringing out my paper-thin sweaters, but thought I needed one pair of romantic-Western boots to tie it all together (Vince, top-right). If you already have tan heeled boots, try a ribbed sweater with summer slides for a reverse play on this hot autumn.


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